One of the most significant survival needs of every human is the healthcare need. Unfortunately, in most countries of Africa if not all there’s no universal healthcare and or Social Safety Net (SSN) to address the healthcare needs of people. The implication therefore, is a disconnect between citizen’s healthcare needs, medical personnel and requirements. This situation is worst of in communities and rural areas, because, often, the healthcare system neglects the lower classes. And at such ugly and hopeless situation, civil society organizations are expected to bridge the space. Consequently, the Sustainable Development Goals #3 and African Union Aspiration 2063 #3 will suffer failure if nothing is done to mitigate the extent of the healthcare system neglects for the lower classes in Africa. Our baseline survey 2019 shows that a coordinated health outreach programs will bridge the space created by system negligence on the healthcare of the lower classes by improving and extending the reach of healthcare through activities such as health education, case management, basic health screening, and facilitating access to other healthcare services. No doubt, these activities can directly and indirectly improve health outcomes of individuals and communities. Hence, the conception of the Medical Mission of IGHUSUF Africa.




The Medical Mission Program of IGHUSUF Africa is primal to attending to the health needs of communities and rural areas, principally to connect them with healthcare professionals and healthcare solutions. The program is a patient-focused initiative born out of the need to ensure that patients receives the best healthcare possible and have access to top doctors and other healthcare professionals; connecting rural inhabitants and communities with financial assistance, such as grants, interventions and partnerships to pay for their health care costs etc. This initiative is predicated upon the fact that most health centers in communities and remote areas lack medical personnel and equipment, hence the need to reach out to them through free medical services. Therefore, this medical mission commits to sourcing supports, intervention, grants and partnerships to mobilize healthcare professionals and equipment for providing healthcare services to communities and rural areas. At peculiar cases, based on paucity of fund and support net, IGHUSUF Africa may enter into partnership engagement with relevant authority to equip and co-manage community health centres.