The outbreak and sporadic spreading of the novel corona virus appears to be one of the mysteries of the 21st Century. Particularly, the worrisome predictions for Africa stirred so much fear and anxiety across member states and we made swift for response actions. At IGHUSUF Africa, safety is a core priority and so we embraced a safety mindset and build it into our response program in mitigating and containing the spread of the Virus. The IGHUSUF Africa COVID-19 Response Program aggregates relevant COVID-19 appeals and inputs from WHO, ACDC, UNICEF, Country’s RP and that of others NGOs in helping to shape citizens actions in containing the spread of the virus, especially, in keeping with the protocols by WHO, ACDC member country’s plan; while also conveying local actors’ perspectives to relevant authorities. The program further inspired our volunteers to follow-up on the disbursements of COVID-19 relief materials and palliative within their home countries and localities as to flag any misappropriation for redress. This is to ensure transparency and utmost utilization of the relief materials.




Driven by the urgency of need, we through technical support from African Union Youth Envoy convoked several virtual consultation engagements including the first ever Pan-Africa Youth Dialogue. We further raised volunteers in Nigeria, Lesotho, Congo DRC, Algeria, Ghana and Zambia who proactively engaged in sensitization of COVID-19 safety protocols and sourced palliative materials for the most vulnerable. In conformity with the framework of COVID-19 pandemic Global Humanitarian Response Plan, and in following the set strategic priorities index, our volunteers aided their country’s National Centre for Disease Control to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and decreased morbidity and mortality through voluntary free healthcare services and free emergency response services. We also developed a citizen’s led social safety and distancing campaigns through traditional, conventional and new media channels. The program impact does not only stop at that, but it also inspired other community led initiatives, such as mass production of locally made hand sanitizer and facial masks that were contributing to the safety of the people in the communities where they live, And it further promotes people safety and enabled them embrace practical approach designed to reduce exposure and contain the spread of the novel corona virus.