The IGHUSUF Africa Centre for Accountability, Human Rights and Peace (CESAHRE) is a designate implementing centre within the IGHUSUF Africa system, responsible for strengthening democratic principles, promotion of accountability in governance, protection of human rights, and advancement of gender justice, child’s right and peace in Africa. It was established in 2019 based on the recommendation of the IGHUSUF Africa ‘Technical Committee on Social Accountability, Human Rights,  Gender and Peace Building.  It was established to address situations of abuse of public office, human rights violation, gender injustuce, child’s right violation and violent crimes.  It also conducts targeted research for data based recommendations where applicable within the areas of the centre’s objects. Primarily, the Centre leads IGHUSUF AFRICA work on accountability in leadership, human rights defense, gender justice, targeted research, advocacy for policy reform and legislation that meets the mandate of the centre and promotion  of local and international development cooperation and collaboration that would facilitate the advancement of the works of the centre in particular, and IGHUSUF Africa in general.

In keeping to its mandate, the centre  facilitates the:

▪ Promotion and encouragement of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, gender, language, religion or social background;

▪ Institutionalization of an open and free society, and promotes mutual understanding, tolerance and friendship among all persons, nations and all racial, ethnic or religious groups, and further stay dedicated to the maintenance of peace, security and the promotion of development, human rights and gender justice;

▪ Recognition of the works of persons, especially, young persons or youth based organizations, through award of recognition as ‘Human Rights Champion’ or ‘Peace Ambassador’ or ‘Accountability Champion’ and or ‘Gender Justice Champion’ to deserving youths and youth networks or persons who are assiduously working to strengthen our shared commitment to Accountability in Governance, Human Rights, Gender Justice and Global Peace as a way of encouraging and strenghtening them to do more;

▪ Domestication of integrated approach to identify, select and build partnerships with state actors partners, credible local and international Non-Governmental, Civil Society and Community Based Organizations (NGOs, CSOs & CBOs), with the purpose of creating wider reach and buy-in for the Centre’s programsmea and activities geared towards attaining its mandates;

▪ Promotion and convocation of citizens townhall engagements, peer learning, dialogue, training and networking activities targeted at teaching and advancement of social accountability, human rights, gender justice and peace, which includes providing knowledge and understanding of accountability in governance, civic engagement, human rights, gender justice and peace-building;

▪ Provision of timely advice to relevant authorities on potential conflicts and threats to Human rights, gender related matters, peace and security;

▪ Establishment of Human Rights, Social Accountability and Peace Fund as the principal financing instruments for the human rights, social accountability project, peace and security activities of IGHUSUF Africa;

▪ Provision of oversight on the IGHUSUF Africa Social Accountability, Human rights, mediation and preventive diplomacy activitie; with target on institutional capacity building, accountability, human rights and peace support project activities that empowers citizens to take actions that fosters respect to Human rights, accountable in governance and Peace-building.

▪ Advocacy and engagement of relevant state actors for the purpose of ensuring that they make the best policies, laws and or take the necessary and decisive actions that fosters the achievement of the mandate of the centre;

▪ Fostering of Open Society, implement  “CitizensLed Accountability Program (CLAP) which is a social responsibility signature initiative of Inspiring Generation and Humanity Support Foundation (IGHUSUF) Africa and coalition of Civil Society Organisations based on shared values and targets to prosecute and deepen open system partnership (OSP), accountable leadership, participatory governance, due process, administrative probity, transparency and the rule of law in Africa.