Who We Are


The Incorporated Trustees of Inspiring Generation and Humanity Support Foundation - (IGHUSUF) Africa is a Pan-African non-profit civil society organisation that galvanizes and engages people, processes and resources for implementing programmes and projects that promotes equal access to human rights and gender Justice, inclusive education...

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We are committed to the promotion of cutting-edge solutions to bridge the digital divide in Africa and foster economic empowerment, leadership development, entrepreneurship start-up and safe spaces for youth, women and vulnerable groups.

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Our Mission

To stimulate access to means, measures and models that will enable us to drive Africa's renaissance and...


IGHUSUF Africa is a continental development stimulus and institutional transformation organization with the mandate to develop citizen's leadership capital...

Our Vision

To galvanize and engage people, processes and resources for advancement of equal access to human rights, gender justice, inclusive education...

Our Cause

We are committed to using cutting-edge solution, citizens driven actions and constructive civic engagement mechanisms to advance equal access to human rights...


Areas of Interest


i. Human rights and gender justice.
ii. Access to Inclusive education.
iii. Accountable democratic and participatory governance, credible electoral processes, public policy efficiency, probity and transparency.
iv. Quality Public Health System...

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Our Programs

Our programs promote public safety, human well-being, gender mainstreaming, democracy at all levels and economic empowerment. They are designed to harness the potential of every human being, support families, enhance public safety and build the economy.

The IGHUSUF Africa Community Learning Program

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The Violence Against Women and Girls Program

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The IGHUSUF Medical Mission Program

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The IGHUSUF Africa COVID-19 Response Program

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The IGHUSUF Africa Climate Change Mitigation Action Program

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The African Youth Charter Mainstreaming Program

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